Building Consultancy

Providing sound, reasoned advice at every stage of your property journey

Buildings are expensive assets to acquire, manage and operate, and need to meet the needs of a varied range of stakeholders, e.g. Landlords, Tenants, Investors and end-users. Our Building Consultancy is client-focused, and we pride ourselves on providing advice tailored to each client’s particular requirements.

With backgrounds in commercial building surveying, client representative, project and property management, our team’s collective experience across various sectors of the commercial industry enables us to take a holistic view of property, and to provide sound, reasoned and practical advice to our clients and colleagues.

Technical Expertise

We believe technical knowledge is crucial, and our team has an excellent track record in delivering and applying this knowledge. We know that developing an understanding of the construction, condition and operation of any built asset is an essential step in fully advising our clients to the highest standard.

By undertaking rigorous surveys and inspections of the building fabric and supporting services, and reviewing existing building documentation, our team provide the fullest picture of a property condition.

From there, we investigate the feasibility of any client requirements, e.g. disposal/acquisition, refurbishment/upgrading, whilst taking into account the Life Cycle of the property, along with operational and end-user requirements insofar as possible, to future-proof the asset.

Our Services

Our Team deliver a full suite of Professional Consultancy services, including:

  • Technical Due Diligence (TDD) – Either asset disposal/acquisition for development or feasibility purposes and Building Investment Fund reporting for planning for & managing Capex/Service Charge budgets.
  • Defects Analysis & Building Fabric Inspections – Establishing the condition of properties to identifying defects/problems, and have the ability to specify, implement & manage the works to completion.
  • Dilapidations Advice – Preparation and negotiation of end of Lease Dilapidations claims for either Landlord or Tenant, and Interim Schedules to assist in asset management & budgetary strategies.
  • Schedules of Condition – Either photographicfor inclusion in Leases, as part of pre-development works, or as a record of completed works on behalf of either Landlord/Tenant.
  • Landlord or Tenant Approval Submissions – Technical assessment of proposed works and ensuring relevant information is provided to protect the Landlords investment/asset.
  • Design, Project & Cost Management on a variety of new-build, refurbishment, upgrading and fit-out projects, across a variety of sectors, including the provision of Space Planning and Test-Fit Layouts, Compliance Advice, Statutory (FSC, DAC) applications and advice to Clients and Design Teams.
  • Assigned Certifier & Building Regulations Advisory – Acting in the role of Assigned Certifier on projects, providing technical & statutory advice at Design, Construction and Handover stages, either client direct or as part of a Design Team.

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