Farms & Estates

Maximising the possibilities.

The buying and selling of farms and estates is often far more than just a transaction. Whether it’s a field, a farm or a grand estate, land may have been in a family for generations. As such, it can hold a very deep meaning for anyone who has known it all their lives.

Understanding the issues around a sale can be as important as managing the sale itself. Knowing this, Knight Frank takes every step possible to ensure a property yields its true potential. This, combined with decades of experience, is why we’re entrusted with marketing so many of Ireland’s most sought-after farms and estates.

Knight Frank’s international network creates a planet-sized market for Irish properties. Aiming to maximise the possibilities of every sale, we promote locally, nationally and internationally depending on what’s appropriate for the property in question.

Entering the sales process, everyone has different goals: perhaps you are looking for a farm to work as a going concern. You could be planning to develop farmland. Or possibly you’re seeking a smart investment opportunity. Whatever your motivation, you can be confident that Knight Frank’s goal is to deliver the most positive experience and outcome imaginable for everyone involved.

Recent Reports

Recent Reports