Property Management

Properties protected. Problems solved.

Knight Frank’s Property Management team manages many of Ireland’s largest and most significant properties on behalf of clients.

But whatever a property or portfolio’s size, our goal is straightforward: to maintain assets in the best possible condition while ensuring occupants get excellent value in return for their rent.

Achieving this simply means doing the basics consistently well. That’s why Knight Frank is so focused on resolving problems, delivering on promises and anticipating changing demands.

  • Resolving problems: Problems are inevitable; what’s never certain is the nature of the next challenge. That’s why having access to experts with a wide range of complementary skills, co-ordinated at a single point of contact, is essential. Knight Frank’s team currently includes facility management experts, tenant liaison professionals plus engineering and systems specialists.
  • Delivering on promises: we’re confident of delivering on our promises because we are so rigorous in adhering to protocols and following a systems driven approach. This means leaving nothing to chance and maintaining the highest levels of integrity – particularly in relation to finances.
  • Anticipating changing demands: as people’s expectations evolve, the properties they work and live in must stay in step. Knowing this, we always keep our finger on the pulse to understand where investment will be needed – for example, the growing emphasis on sustainability could mean more businesses requiring premises with a reduced carbon footprint and facilities that encourage cycling.

Knight Frank works hard to deliver a property and asset management service that’s as personal as it is professional. By doing so, we free occupants and owners to focus on their lives and businesses, knowing that their building is in the care of experts.

Key Property Management Services:

  • Collection of rent and service charges
  • Insurance administration
  • Tenant management and retention
  • Facilities management – all services
  • Management of key lease milestones
  • Management of capital expenditure project
  • Preventative maintenance management
  • On-site staff management