Buying a Property

Guiding wherever you’re going

Buying a home: ensuring information and insight is always available.

For most buyers, the quality of a property is the key factor in their purchase decision. But what if you’re not familiar with a locality? Or if you are an international buyer approaching Ireland and buying for the first time?

Knight Frank will identify properties that are appropriate for you, your priorities and your budget. You can be confident of this, thanks to our:

  • On the ground expertise: Knight Frank’s local knowledge, gained over many years and countless transactions, is an invaluable resource that’s available to every buyer.

  • Best-in-class properties: we prioritise listing the most desirable properties within their location or category.

  • International perspective: being part of a global network gives Knight Frank an appreciation of the challenges facing non-Irish buyers and anyone returning from abroad.

If you’re thinking of buying a home talk to our team of experts to see how they can help you.