50 questions to ask when viewing a house – The Complete Checklist


If you’re searching for your dream home you might be considering they key questions to ask when viewing a house. The house hunting process can be stressful enough without thinking of the exhaustive list to ask the estate agent.

So, we did the hard work for you! We put together the ultimate viewing a house checklist. The best part is you can download your free PDF copy and take it with you.

Here are a few things to consider before even starting the house viewing process:

  • Define the locations you would like to live and stick to it.
  • Only consider houses within your budget.
  • Decide what is a deal breaker for you in advance of viewing properties and eliminate these properties from your search.
viewing a house checklist


  1. What is the asking price?
  2. How long has the house been on the market?
  3. Why is the owner selling?
  4. When was the house built?
  5. How many square feet is the house?
  6. Are there any current bids on the property?
  7. What is the seller’s timeline for moving?

Location and neighbourhood

  1. What is the neighbourhood like?
  2. Are there nearby amenities such as grocery stores, schools, parks, and restaurants?
  3. Are there good public transport links?
viewing a house checklist - questions to ask about the location and neighbourhood

Exterior of the house

  1. Does the house look well-maintained?
  2. Is the roof in good condition/are there any loose tiles?
  3. Are there any cracks in the walls or foundation?
  4. What is the age and condition of the gutters?
viewing a house checklist - questions to ask about the exterior of the house

Interior of the house

  1. Does the layout of the house suit your needs?
  2. Are there enough bedrooms and bathrooms?
  3. Is there enough natural light?
  4. Are there any musty smells, signs of dampness or mould?


  1. Is the kitchen in good condition?
  2. Do any appliances come with the property?
  3. Type of cooker? e.g. gas or induction


  1. Are the bathrooms in good condition?
  2. Are the fixtures in good working order?
  3. Is there good ventilation?

Energy efficiency and heating

  1. What is the BER Rating of the house?
  2. Are the windows double glazed or triple glazed?
  3. Has the house been insulated?
  4. When were the heating/boiler systems last serviced or replaced?
  5. Type of heating? E.g. oil or gas
viewing a house - energy efficiency and heating questions to ask

Electrical systems

  1. Are the electrical systems in good shape?
  2. Are there enough electrical outlets?
  3. Is the wiring up-to-date and safe?

Plumbing systems

  1. Are the plumbing systems in good working order?
  2. What is the water pressure like?
  3. Are there any leaks or water damage?


  1. What parking is available; drive-way, garage, off street, on-street?
  2. If there is on street parking, is a parking permit required? How many permits are available for the house?
  3. Will you require an electric vehicle charger?
viewing a house checklist - parking

Back garden

  1. Is the garden north, south, east or west facing?
  2. Is it spacious enough?
  3. Does it offer enough privacy?
  4. Are there any large trees in neighbouring gardens that could block sunlight?
viewing a house checklist - questions to ask about the garden

Development potential

  1. Has the property ever been approved for planning permission?
  2. Do other houses on the road have front or back extensions?
  3. Could the attic be converted?
viewing a house checklist - development potential questions


  1. What broadband is in the locality? (DSL, Cable, Fibre-optics, Satellite) This is particularly important question if you work from home a lot.
  2. Is there good mobile phone coverage?

Overall impression

  1. Does the house feel like it could be your home?
  2. Is there anything that concerns you about the property?
  3. Would you like to view the property again?

As you can see there are a number of important factors to consider when choosing a home. Remember to take notes, ask plenty of questions, and request a second viewing if there is a property you think could be your dream home.

Top tip: If you’re extremely keen, visit the neighbourhood on different days and at different times to see how busy the estate is, what the traffic is like, and is the street generally quiet.