201 Things to Buy for your New House – the Ultimate Checklist

First of all congratulations on your new home!

If your move in date is imminent you’re probably starting to make a shopping list of home essentials.

To make your life easier we put together the ultimate list of 201 things to buy for a new house. Download the new house checklist and take it with you. You can tick each item off as you go.

We’ve categorised the list below by room. We’ve decided to focus on the smaller household items that are easy to forget to buy when loading up the IKEA trolley.


Kitchen essentials

Starting with the kitchen which will always be the longest section! We’ve taken the headache out of trying to remember every cooking utensil that was ever invented.

things to buy for your new kitchen


1. Coffee machine/French press

Coffee lovers will definitely argue that this is an essential household item. Instant coffee just isn’t the same, is it?

2. Kettle

3. Microwave

When it comes to a microwave, there is a price and spec for every budget. Consider how often you will use it. Do you really need 20+ defrost settings?

4. Toaster

Top tip: Toasty bags can be a great cheap substitute for a sandwich maker.


If baking is your thing, the items below will get you up and running in no time.

things to buy for a new house - baking utensils

5. Blender

From protein shakes to homemade soups the possibilities are endless…

6. Cupcake tray

7. Food scales

8. Measuring spoons

9. Measuring jug

Top tip: avoid putting in the dish washer to avoid the markings wash off!

10. Mixing bowl

things to buy for a new house, baking mixing bowl

11. Rolling pin

12. Sieve

13. Whisk

Whether you go for an electric or manual, both get the job done.

14. Wire cooling rack

For when those delicious cupcakes come out of the oven.

baking utensils to buy - wire rack

Cooking and kitchen utensils

15. Bottle opener

16. Casserole dish

17. Cheese grater

things to buy for the kitchen - cheese grater

18. Cheese planer

(Our senior graphic designer was adamant this one went in!)

19. Chopping boards

Plastic ones are handy for throwing in the dish washer after use.

20. Colander

21. Cork screw

The last thing you want at the end of moving day is to have a chilled bottle of wine but no cork screw!

corkscrew - kitchen essentials

22. Egg cups

23. Egg timer

24. Fish slice

25. Garlic crusher

26. Juice extractor

juice extractor - kitchen utensils

27. Microwave food cover

Something you only realise you need after your eggs explode inside the microwave…

28. Oven trays

29. Place mats

For all the dinner parties you will now be expected to throw!

30. Pizza cutter

things to buy for a new house - kitchen - pizza cutter

31. Pizza tray

No more burnt bases with one of these

32. Pots and pans

I recommend non-stick.

If you have an induction hob make sure the pans you buy are compatible.

33. Pot stand

34. Potato masher

35. Salad bowl

things to buy for a new house: salad bowl

36. Scissors

37. Spatula

38. Sugar bowl

If you don’t take sugar in your tea (like me) you’re likely to forget this one until you have guests over!

39. Tin opener

40. Tongs

41. Vegetable peeler

42. Water bottle

43. Wok

wok - kitchen utensils

44. Wooden spoons 

Dining and Glassware

45. Bowls

46. Coasters

Consider matching with your place mats to enhance your table presentation.

47. Cocktail shaker

A guaranteed hit at your house warming party. Did someone say margaritas…?

cocktail shaker - house party

48. Forks

Dessert forks

OK, so they’re not a necessity, but they are nice to have when you’re tucking in to some cake!

Dinner forks

Download the new house essentials checklist

49. Glasses

50. Ice cream scoop

things to buy - ice cream scoop

51. Knives

Butter knives

Sharp knives set

Steak knives

52. Ladle

Necessary when dishing out a stew or casserole.

53. Milk jug

54. Mugs

sipping tea in mug by the fire - things to buy for your kitchen

55. Plates

Dinner plates

Side plates

Set table with dinner plates and side plates

56. Spoons

Dessert spoons

Soup spoons

Tea spoons

57. Teapot

Afternoon tea anyone?

58. Tray

Essential to successfully execute Sunday breakfast in bed!

things to buy for a house - breakfast tray

59. Water jug

60. Wine cooler

A great trick in warm weather for those partial to white wine.

61. Wine glasses

Red, white, tumblers, coloured stems, the possibilities are endless…

things to buy for your house - wine glasses

Kitchen Organisation

Moving on now to kitchen organisation. These items will keep your kitchen tidy and ensure every item has a ‘home’.

62. Basin

63. Bread bin

64. Cutlery tray

Keeps everything nice and neat. Marie Condo will be proud.

cutlery tray - kitchen storage

65. Cling film

66. Dish washer tablets

67. Drying rack

Simplify the wash up duty

68. Fruit bowl

Not only practical, a fruit bowl can be a great centre piece.

fruit bowl - kitchen items to buy for a new house

69. Ice cube tray

70. Kitchen towel holder

71. Salt and pepper shakers

72. Sandwich bags

73. Sink drainer

74. Spice rack

You’ll feel like a master chef with one of these.

75. Sink caddy

76. Tea bag canister

77. Tinfoil

78. Tupperware

Tupperware - a must have in every kitchen

79. Washing up liquid

80. Wine rack

Both practical and sophisticated.

Kitchen Textiles

81. Apron

Save yourself the heartache of tomato sauce splattering onto your white t-shirt!

82. Kitchen towels

83. Napkins

84. Oven gloves

oven gloves - household items

85. Tea towels

Bathroom Essentials

Arriving at the bathroom next…

things to buy for the bathroom

Shower Accessories

86. Shower curtain

87. Shower mat

Go for a non-slip shower mat to avoid you going flying.

88. Shower shelf

Keep your shampoo, conditioner and shower gel all neatly in the one location.

Bathroom Utensils

89. Plunger

Something you only realise you need when there’s a blockage!

90. Toilet brush

91. Soap dispenser

Something as simple as a soap dispenser can really elevate a bathroom.

92. Towel rack

Go for a heated towel rack if you feel like treating yourself.

93. Weighing scales (optional!)

Bathroom Textiles

94. Bath towels

95. Face cloths

96. Hand towels

Whether you buy separate guest towels is up to you!

bathroom towels

Other Bathroom Essentials

97. Tissues

98. Toilet roll

You don’t want to be caught out on your first night! 

Bedroom Essentials

Putting this section of the list together made me realise there is a lot of items needed to dress a bed! It sounds obvious but make sure you buy the right size bedding as most places won’t let you return them once they have been opened.

things to buy for the bedroom, bed linen, bed spread, duvet

Bed Linen

99. Bed spread

100. Bed sheets

101. Duvet cover

102. Mattress protector

103. Pillow cases

104. Pillow protectors

Pillows and Duvets

105. Duvet

Places like Homestore & More sell dual duvets that separate out into summer and winter duvets. Game changer.

106. Pillows


107. Shoe rack

Download your copy of the new house essentials checklist

Laundry Essentials

Moving on to all things laundry.

things to buy for a new house - laundry items


108. Clothes drying rack

It’s always useful to have an inside drying rack, especially in the winter.

109. Tumble drier balls or sheets


110. Iron

Top tip: Don’t cheap out here. You want something robust that can tackle any fabric.

111. Ironing board


112. Delicates bag for laundry

113. Laundry baskets

You can get as granular here as you want. I have three – one for darks, one for whites and one for delicates.

114. Washing machine powder


115. Clothes hangers

Trust me, you always need more than you think!

116. Sewing kit

Always handy to have. Remember, a stitch in time saves nine!

sewing kit, needle and thread


Decorating is probably not going to be your first priority when you move in. However, the odd lamp in the corner or a pair of curtains in the living room can really transform ‘new and bare’ into ‘homey and cosy’.

household items for your new home - decorative, vases

Curtains and Blinds

117. Blinds

Black out blinds, venetian blinds, motorised roller blinds…

118. Curtain ties

119. Curtains

Cushions, Throws and Other Textiles

120. Cushions

121. Throws

122. Rug

If you have wooden floors a rug can help add a splash of colour.


123. Lamps

124. Light bulbs

Wall Decor

125. Photo frames

Photos can really turn a house into a home.

126. Mirrors

It is amazing how a mirror can make a room appear so much bigger. They can also really help brighten up the room. Circle mirrors are really popular at the moment. And of course, a full height mirror is essential!

127. Wall clock

Giant wall clocks are all the rage at the moment and are great for creating a feature wall.

Ornaments and Plants

128. Candles

Candles can be such a simple but effective way of creating a sense of ambiance and homeyness. I’ve lost count of the amount of Yankee Candles I’ve bought since I moved in.

candles in home

129. Plants

If you’re rubbish at keeping plants alive (like me), opt for ones that don’t need a lot of water. Aloe vera, snake plant, spider plant and orchids and succulents are all good safe options.

things to buy for a new house - plants that don't require a lot of water, succulents

130. Vase

Trust me, within a week your house will have turned into a florist with all the congratulations bouquets you are going to receive from family and friends!

Outdoor Essentials


things to buy for a new house: outdoors - bbq

131. BBQ

You just can’t beat a barbecue on a hot summer’s day. From experience, It’s always good to do a trial run before inviting the in-laws over in case you cremate the sausages!

Consider whether you want to go for a coal or gas barbecue. When weighing up barbecue size, ask yourself how many people will you usually be cooking for on average?

132. BBQ utensils

Grab a kit that has all the essentials: spatula, fork, tongs, knife, grill brush, skewers and brush.


Whether you’re green fingered or not we’ve listed some essential garden tool that will help keep your back yard looking tidy.

gardening utensils to buy

133. Gardening gloves

134. Gardening stool

Squatting when digging up weeds is a full blown workout. A gardening bench or stool can make the process that bit more comfortable.

135. Hose

Whether you want to wash your car or fill up the paddling pool for your kid (or dog) a hose is always a good investment.

136. Lawn mower

Your garden size will determine whether to go for an electric or push.

things to buy for the garden - lawn mower

137. Peg basket

138. Pruners

139. Rake

For when those Autumn leaves start piling up.

140. Shears

garden tools: shears

141. Trowel

142. Watering can

143. Yard brush 

Other Garden Essentials

144. Chub lock for shed

Keep your belongings secure with a strong padlock.

145. Clothes line

Top tip: Go for a retractable clothes line to save space and so you don’t have to look at it all the time!

146. Clothes pegs

Cleaning Essentials

And now on to the less fun purchases…cleaning supplies. Although it seems like a lot of products to buy all at once, the good new is that they will last you ages.

things to buy for a house - cleaning supplies

Bathroom Cleaners and Disinfectant

147. Bleach

148. Bathroom cleaner

149. Disinfectant spray

Hard Surface Cleaners

150. Carpet stain remover

Accidents are bound to happen. You’ll be glad to have this on hand.

151. Oven cleaner

152. Surface cleaner

153. Window cleaner

Cleaning Equipment

154. Bin bags

155. Bins

Go room by room to see how many bins you need. Regular rubbish, compost, recycling, bathroom pedal bins…

156. Bucket and mop

mop and bucket

157. Cleaning caddy

158. Cloths

159. Duster (feather or synthetic)

For when those pesky cobwebs start to appear.

160. Rubber gloves

161. Scrubbing brushes

162. Squeegee

Vacuums and Brooms

essential items for your new home - vacuum cleaner

163. Dustpan

164. Sweeping brush

165. Vacuum cleaner

Owning a Labrador means my vacuum goes on at least twice a day. Dog. Hair. Everywhere.

DIY and Home Improvement

Even if you’re not handy, these basic tools and home improvement items can help give any room a facelift.


166. Paint brushes

Top tip: Remember to clean paint brushes properly after each use to avoid them going stiff. If the paint is oil-based, clean your brushes with white spirit.

167. Paint protective sheet

No matter how thorough you are there will inevitably be paint splashes.

168. Paint roller

For large surface areas a paint roller will save you time, and energy!

paint roller for home DIY

169. Paint scraper

170. Paint tray


171. Box cutter

172. Drill

I never thought a drill would get so much use when we moved in. From putting up curtain rails and mirrors to floating shelves and coat hooks.

173. Hammer

Surprisingly, even some of the self assembly flatpack furniture requires a hammer.

DIY tools - hammer

174. Measuring tape

You will definitely require one of these at some point. The biggest mistake we made? Not measuring before putting up curtain rails!

175. Pliers

176. Screw drivers

177. Tape

178. Tool kit

179. Torch

Essential in case of a blackout.


Other DIY Home Essentials

180. Furniture grippers

Stick to the legs of couches, tables and chairs to avoid scratches on wooden floors.

181. Shelving

You can never have enough shelving. Floating shelves can be great for…well just about anything!

home decoration - shelving

182. Step ladder

You’ll always find a need for a step ladder. From reaching the top self of the cupboard to painting up high this is a useful item to have.

step ladder - home improvement essentials

183. Storage boxes

Essential for moving day but also useful for storing items in the attic or shed.

184. Wall hooks

Fire and Safety Essentials

Now onto the items for the ‘just in case…’ scenarios.

185. Carbon monoxide detectors

186. Fire alarm/smoke detectors

smoke alarm - fire and safety

187. Fire blanket

188. Fire extinguisher

189. First aid kit

190. Security alarm

Much like when it comes to insurance, I recommend shopping around to guarantee you get the best value for money.

home security system

191. Security camera


Lastly here’s a few random household items that are always good to have. 

192. Batteries

You’re bound to buy something that requires batteries e.g. wall clock or smoke alarm.

193. Coat rack

194. Door stopper

195. Extension cord

For fellow techies who are trying to charge their smartphone, iPad and laptop all at once!

196. Key rack 

197. Matches or a lighter

candle lighter

198. Sellotape

199. Umbrella stand

Depending on which country you live in you may use this more than others!

200.  WD-40

201. Welcome mat

house hold items - door mat

Phew! And that’s a wrap. We hope you found our ultimate guide helpful!

The very best of luck in your new home and happy shopping.

Download the New House Essentials Checklist below. 

Tell us how we did! Did we miss anything on the list? Let us know what household items you would include in the comments below!