Get to know us better: Guy Craigie

Get to know us better: Guy Craigie

Guy Craigie, director of residential discusses remote working, hobbies and changes to his daily routine. 

Where are you in Lockdown?

At home alone in Phibsborough… at my desk overlooking the Royal Canal.     

Have you become a Masterchef during Covid and if so what have you been cooking? 

I have never got so much out of a chicken in my life. Day 1: Roast, Day 2: Curry, Day 3: Chicken Salad. Day 4: Chicken Stock for Bolognaise (a top tip addition I have just discovered). Also best before dates and use by dates have gone out the window, I’ve realised just how much food I waste unnecessarily.  

Have you taken up any new hobbies?

I hadn’t played Scrabble for about 10 years… now I’m playing online with friends and its completely addictive. I did Art at school and hadn’t picked up a paint brush since… until I took delivery of some materials last week and produced this. It will be a solid charity shop purchase for somebody one day. €2 anyone? 

Do you have any tips to stay focused and motivated during this time?

Routine, routine, routine. Get up, go outside and exercise before you do anything else. Amazing at clearing your head and setting you up for the day. Communicate as much as possible with friends, family and colleagues. Pick up the phone, everyone’s delighted to have chat at the moment. Don’t be tempted to graze all day, eat at set times to break up the day. Also, listen to the radio and podcasts – the background noise, if nothing else is slightly reassuring especially if you are on your own. 

What have been your go-to lockdown TV shows? 

A long list but I’ve really enjoyed Money Heist, Ozark and Unorthodox on Netflix… all binge worthy. Also watching The Great British Menu and thought first episodes of Normal People the other night were very good.  

How has your day to day work changed over the last 6 weeks?

Chime, Zoom, FaceTime, WhatsApp Video… still being kept busy but in a very different way. It will be interesting to see how many Lockdown technologies / work processes we continue to use going forward. Biggest change is not being able to physically view properties and meet clients. A somewhat integral part of the job!  

If there could be any positive to take from the pandemic, what would it be? 

How much more exercise I’ve taken… and being able to go for a cycle and not be blasted by traffic fumes. A sense that we’re all in this together. There is generally a great feeling of community around the place.