Get to know us: Shannon Longmore

Get to know us: Shannon Longmore

Shannon Longmore, New Homes Operations Manager discusses remote working, hobbies and changes to her daily routine.

Where are you in Lockdown? 

In my family home in Donaghmede, Dublin 13

Have you become a Masterchef during Covid and if so what have you been cooking?  

I wish lol! Cooking isn’t my forte but I have made some nice banana breads. 

Have you taken up any new hobbies?

Completing a couch to 5k using an app. I started it at the beginning of lockdown and I only have 2 more challenges to go until I run 5k straight without breaks! Also on my 10th virtual quiz!

Do you have any tips to stay focused and motivated during this time? 

Routine! Get up at the same time everyday and get dressed as if you would for work. Make sure to get out for walks when you can and try to take some time away from social media /phones /tablets every day. Planning trips or thinking up ideas for the future also helps.

What have been your go-to lockdown TV shows?

I haven’t been watching much TV. But I do love come dine with me and 4 in a bed. Also any new series that pops up on Netflix I will try.

How has your day to day work changed over the last 6 weeks? 

My kitchen table is now my new desk and we have switched up from showing show homes in person to conducting virtual viewings. We still have our team meetings to plan out our day and check in on what needs to be / has been done. My day today routine hasn’t changed that much apart from logging out of work at 6pm and being home by 6.01pm. The company have a social event each Thursday which is a nice way to keep us all connected.

If there could be any positive to take from the pandemic, what would it be?

I think we will be a lot more active in the future and make that time to get out for our walks instead of spending our evenings on the couch. Spending a lot more time with our families / whoever we are living with and reconnecting with old friends that we may not have kept in touch with through the help of technology (having virtual quizzes, facetime calls etc).

Also this pandemic, really makes you appreciate all the little things in life such as meeting up with a friend for a coffee or visiting a new city abroad.