Rowena Crowley, Property Asset Management Director

We asked Rowena Crowley, Property Asset Management Director, to do a little Q&A so you could get to know her a little better.

Tell us a little about your career journey to date:

Most recently I was Head of Asset Management for Aviva and led the property team in deciding the asset management strategies for a mixed portfolio of commercial properties across Ireland and the UK. In this role I dealt with property acquisitions and disposals, redevelopments and refurbishments and seeking out and implementing value add opportunities. I also dealt with new lettings, rent reviews, restructuring leases, tenant negotiations, budget and financial analysis, planning negotiations and development strategies.   Prior to joining Aviva I had spent 5 years doing Residential Property Management.

What are your ambitions for the role?

I have a huge interest in ESG and sustainability, so I’m keen to work with our clients and their assets to improve their ESG credentials. The importance of ESG is growing at a significant pace, particularly in the real estate sector, so we will work closely with our clients to ensure their assets are not only implementing sustainable and environmental policies, but are leading the way. This is just one of the ways we add value for our clients.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

While I’m relatively new here in Knight Frank, I’m really enjoying getting to know the team here, particularly the Property Asset Management team. They’re a really experienced team with great ambitions. We’ve already set ourselves some big targets to grow the department and we’re now putting those plans in to action. Watch this space!!

What’s the most unusual or interesting job you had?

Perhaps not very interesting but I counted votes in the 2001 Australian federal election – John Howard was re-elected as Prime Minister thanks to me 😉

Tell us a joke?

I have a fear of overly intricate buildings… I have a complex complex complex.

Rowena Crowley, Director Property Asset Management

You are having dinner with 3 famous people – who do you invite?

How do you spend your spare time?

Do you follow any sports, if so who are ‘your’ team?

What’s your favourite film/book?

If you had to eat one meal forever what would it be?

If you could learn to do anything, what would it be?

Share a fun fact about you?

3 words to describe your first impressions of Knight Frank?

Eddie Vedder (to sing to me); Michelle Obama; Jimmy Carr


Arsenal by osmosis, if arsenal win, I’ve a happy home!

Just finished The Great Alone and really enjoyed that.

A bowl of shellfish

Map reading (I tend to get lost a lot when hiking)

I could go on roller coasters all day long

Engaging, driven and friendly

Rowena Crowley is Director of Property Asset Management. To find out more about our Property Asset Management service click here.

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