Ireland Investment Market Q4 2021

Investment Market Overview Q4 2021 takes a look at the investment market performance in 2021 and also includes a focus on what will impact capital flows in 2022.

€2bn was spent on Irish investment property in Q4, bringing the total for 2021 to €5.5bn. This is the second highest level of annual investment that has ever transacted reflecting underlying investor confidence in the Irish economy and property market throughout 2021. Recent global events cast some shadow over how the market will perform in 2022.

5 key takeaways from the Investment Market Overview Q4 2021

  • €5.5bn was invested in 2021, €2bn of which closed in Q4
  • 42% of total spend in 2021 was invested in residential investment assets
  • 54% of spend in 2021 on retail assets was invested in retail parks
  • The largest deal of 2021 was Blackstone’s acquisition of the Serpentine Buildings, which are let to Meta (Facebook), in Dublin 4 for €395m
  • 5.6% – with pressures very much on the upside, inflation is a new challenge for the economy and markets in 2022
Investment Market Overview Q4 2021 Cover