Key contacts

Property development across Ireland  

Our Dublin-based development team works closely with national and international developers, landowners and local authorities to deliver financially viable residential, commercial and mixed use development projects ranging in size and complexity. We are experts at unlocking development potential while adding value and cutting costs throughout the development cycle.

Our team can be commissioned at any stage of the development process - from initial planning to project management and the marketing of finished units.

Identifying and capitalising on global development opportunities

With teams based in key locations across the globe, we advise our clients on every aspect of real estate development, sales and marketing.

Our specialist services include:

  • Land valuation & appraisal
  • Planning & zoning
  • Development feasibility
  • Joint venture arrangements
  • Financing



  • Sustainable building design
  • Environmental regulations
  • Local authority liaison
  • Viability
  • Project management
  • Financial forecasting
  • Marketing of finished development